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Friends of the Condado Lagoon

The prompt restoration of the Condado Lagoon to its optimal condition is crucial for our resiliency, health, natural resources and economy.
The hurricane’s destruction harmed the recreational areas and made vulnerable the quality of water of the Lagoon.

This puts at risk the health of the community and its visitors, and puts a hold on a the various of economic recreational and tourist activities that depend on it.

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Community Support

From obtaining water desalination plants and coordinating debris removal to planning outdoor movie nights and children’s workshops to brighten families’ spirits, the San Juan Bay Estuary Program has been partnering with various organizations to provide much-needed services to communities.

Even small donations can help us fund more of these projects.

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Infrastructure Support

The fallen debris and copious rainfall brought by Hurricane Maria, combined with an aging sanitary and stormwater infrastructure has left both the sewers, streets and water bodies of the Estuary clogged and running with contaminated waters. Upon this situation, the San Juan Bay Estuary Program acted immediately, unclogging sewers and removing debris. However, this work is costly, involving specialized heavy machinery, and staff time to manage these projects.

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Environmental Assessment

After hurricane Maria, the San Juan Bay Estuary Program responded to the immediate need for information on water quality, increasing its monitoring frequency from once a month to once a week. The Program also added monitoring in beaches, responding to the imminent risk of citizens unknowingly bathing in highly contaminated waters. The Program will also continue its bird censuses, and marine habitat evaluation in which citizen scientists also play an essential role.

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